Marketing and Customer Service


MicroSave's market-led and customer-centric approach places us in a good position to help you create and implement marketing strategies that support the success of your company and your products and services.

We have experience in corporate and product marketing, and can help you formulate strategy for effective communication.

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Corporate Brand Strategy
MicroSave can help you with the following list of services:
  • Development of Corporate Brand Attributes
  • Corporate Positioning Statement
  • Branding Communication Plan (Internal and External)
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations

Product Strategy
Our team of experts can help with:
  • Product Development and Differentiation
  • Brands, Taglines, USPs, and Benefit Statements Creation
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy and Product Management
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Client Retention Strategies

Product Delivery and Customer Service Strategy
MicroSave has robust experience in:
  • Personnel Training and Customer Service Strategy Development
    • Customer Service Training
    • Customer-Oriented Culture
  • Delivery Process Development
  • Technology Management Strategy
  • Infrastructure Development Strategy

MicroSave Toolkits

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