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DFS Customer Development Opportunities in Nigeria

The blog discusses digital finance customer development opportunities in Nigeria

Agent Network Accelerator Research: Nigeria Country Report 2017

The second wave of the ANA Nigeria study is focused on identifying strategic gaps and opportunities for scaling-up Digital Financial Services, with highlights on the implementation progress following the Helix Institute’s recommendations in the ANA Nigeria research conducted in 2014.

Interoperability – A Regulatory Perspective

The blog discusses the role, benefits and how countries around the world are adopting interoperability in digital finance.

A Strategic Approach for Next-Generation DFS Agent Networks

The blog discusses the possibility and the requirements of developing the future of agent networks. How do we develop deployments that enable and facilitate the demand and supply equilibrium?

Burgeoning ‘Typhoons’ in Digital Financial Services

DFS ecosystems continue to evolve; with this scope for fraud is also growing. For DFS to realise its full potential, all stakeholders have a role to play in combating fraud.

The “I don’t have enough float” quandary!

Agents without float are perennially frustrating for providers. Our research shows agents report that rebalancing is fairly easy, so what’s prohibiting agents from carrying more optimal levels of float?