MSME Finance

MicroSave has a strong history of supporting and enhancing access to finance to Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) throughout the world. MSMEs are the drivers and engines of growth, promoting equitable socio-economic development worldwide. Although MSMEs have an immense potential to play a larger role in globally competitive industries, the lack of inclusive growth models, concerted efforts by governments and the private sector, and the scarcity of financial resources limit them.

MicroSave’s customised approach, combined with the local knowledge, has designed enterprise finance products that are now flagship products of financial institutions in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Papua New Guinea serving over 300,000 MSMEs. Click here to contact us for more information about MSME Finance.

MicroSave has a team of SME bankers, product development experts, process and systems specialists, strategists, researchers, and analysts in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Pacific Asia, East Asia, East and Central Africa who can help financial services providers in:

  • Developing a strategy so you may efficiently expand in the MSME markets
  • Identifying expansion opportunities for financial services for the MSME sector through: macro-economic scan, market research, segmentation, and scoping
  • Assessing institutional strengths, weaknesses, and readiness to offer MSME finance products and services – and develop a roadmap to overcome the weaknesses
  • Developing new products or refining existing ones to suit the real needs of the target market through formulating, testing, and rolling out processes and systems, including risk management, credit risk assessment and scoring
  • Enhancing operational efficiency, fine-tuning loan processing and credit management systems, and improving MIS and IT systems
  • Building capacities and transfering skills to the staff through training, toolkit design, and hands-on support during implementation

We have worked with international investors and donors, national financial institutions, commercial banks, MSME focussed banks, small banks, and microfinance institutions such as: the International Finance Corporation (member of the World Bank), ADB, AfDB, FSDT, FMO, FAST, The Citi Foundation, the Institute of Banking and Business Management’s Enterprise Centre in Papua New Guinea, OK Bank in the Philippines, Opportunity Bank in Uganda, Urwego Opportunity Bank in Rwanda, Utkarsh, Vistaar and Au Financiers in India, and Finance Sudan.

  • MicroSave was able to work even with an almost no staff from our end. Its consultants helped iron out the necessary details to implement the UOB project efficiently. It is a pleasure to work with MicroSave. President and CEO, Urwego Opportunity Bank
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