Why agent training is needed?

1. Why Financial Literacy is needed?

Financial Literacy (FL) is critical for a robust, trusted, and successful functioning of any financial institution. MicroSave’s extensive on-ground experience with Agent Network Managers (ANMs), banking staff and customers underlines not only the importance of financial education but also the customer centric approach and implementation strategy undertaken.

Traditional techniques of Training

2. Traditional Financial Literacy

Traditional FL is being delivered through classroom-based techniques which have several challenges. Therefore, it becomes imperative for financial institutions and other service providers to adopt innovative approaches for implementing FL programs. The design and delivery of these programs should be pertinent, scalable and easily accessible for the target group.

Innovative techniques of Training

3. Innovative Financial Literacy

Leveraging digital technologies, MicroSave has developed innovative and transformative assets and approaches to train and support capacity building of bank staff, bank mitr and end consumers. Our techniques leverage media such as AM/FM radio, IVRs (inbound and outbound), YouTube, social media of mass appeal, and mobile applications. These techniques and underlying assets have the advantage of mass outreach at lower cost and ensures the convenience of self-paced learning.

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