Energy Finance

MicroSave’s work in energy finance is still at its nascent stage. However, as the interest in financing the poor households for their energy needs grows, MicroSave’s consulting in this space looks set to grow in the near future.

MicroSave has worked with a leading multilateral financial institution in promoting the finance for energy efficient technologies in SMEs.

We are keen at supporting a range of intuitions involved in energy finance that helps build the lives of poor households living with very little in difficult situations. It has also organised a workshop to sensitise the bankers and other stakeholders on the need to promote energy efficiency finance for the SMEs with a goal to reduce the energy consumption in energy intensive industries. IFC has been one our major clients.

Throughout our long tenure in business, we have developed a large stock pile of valuable knowledge and experience. As we move forward in to the future we hope to share this with new clients and their worthwhile projects.

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