Enterprise Lending

Enterprise LendingMicroSave expertises in developing enterprise lending products for micro finance institutions and, banks located across Asia and Africa. Our expertise lies in developing market led products based on thorough market research on both supply and demand side.

Enterprise lending is an effective tool of financial inclusion to support the micro and small enterprises access institutional finance to establish, stabilise or grow the business entity. However absence of suitable product(s), efficient risk management and, poor marketing of the products are the key issues that restrict the growth of enterprise lending, especially in case of up-scaling by microfinance institutions. On the demand side, the issues are of access due to lack of documents with clients, need of quick loans and, the mismatch between expected and available ticket size of enterprise lending product.

MicroSave, as a financial inclusion consulting brings in the experience, knowledge, expertise and, tools to develop market led enterprise lending products that were adopted and launched successfully by financial institution. We have worked with institutions including microfinance institutions, microfinance banks, donors, investors and multilateral agencies including International Finance Corporation and, Citi Foundation in India,  OK Bank in the Philippines, Bina Artha in Indonesia, OBUL in Uganda and, the Institute of Banking and Business Management’s Enterprise Centre in Papua New Guinea.

MicroSave has a MSME domain with a team of consultants experienced in product development, non-financial services development, risk management, business process re-engineering and, support in up-scaling for MFI.

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