Financial Inclusion Research

Financial Inclusion Research

MicroSave has been pioneer in conducting qualitative market research and bringing out insights from field. These insights have helped us provide market led solutions for product and channel innovation.

In around 15 year of existence, MicroSave has conducted field level research across different socio-economic strata in several developing countries and remote locations in East Africa, South Asia, and South East and Pacific Asia. 

MicroSave has provided banks, MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs), Digital finance service providers, and other non-bank FIs, research-based strategies that expand their capacities as financial service providers. In addition, MicroSave’s research work has also influenced policy makers and think tanks globally.  

We have modified our research methodologies over time. We have included more human centric and participative research tools, along with quantitative research methods in past 3 years. We are currently working to develop our skills to analyse behavioural trends and attitudes. Perhaps this combination of experience and innovation in research methods makes us pioneer in research designs.  Our recent research work includes Metamon research, FC driver research, Pension research, ANA research, AP crisis research.

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