Low Income Lives


Low-Income Lives - How Poor People Manage on Low-Incomes

Our ‘Low-Income Lives’ series delivers insights that have emerged from careful, evidence-based research of many kinds. Our authors shed new light on how poor people manage on low incomes. These writings explore what shapes the lives of the poor, and what we may do to improve their chances of achieving their goals.
We have seen ‘magic bullet’ solutions fail to reach their targets, while game-changing technologies turn out to produce as many losers as winners. Now more than ever, serious researchers around the world convinced that pro-poor policy and action must build on an increasingly nuanced understanding of what it is to be poor. 
The idea behind ‘Low Income Lives’ is to present high-quality, evidence-based research that uncovers how poor people manage on small incomes. If you would like to submit a blog or short paper on the theme of Low Income Lives, please contact graham@microsave.net
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