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MicroSave benefits from a first-hand experience and know-how in the design and delivery of micro lending and micro credit to the low-income population. In over 15 years of operations, MicroSave has helped hundreds of microfinance and banking institutions in providing high-quality, affordable and enabling microcredit to their valued customers.
Micro Lending

Our technical assistance regularly features qualitative market research, pilot testing, portfolio analysis and process mapping as well as strategic business and financial planning.  Alongside institutional strengthening of financial organisations, MicroSave provides strategic and operational support areas of product development and channel innovation, marketing, and high end customer service.  

Recent projects include the design of innovative group loans (e.g. PKK2 in the Philippines), individual loans (for Opportunity International Australia partners in the Philippines) or crop loans (for Cordaid-Rabo Bank Foundation in Indonesia). MicroSave’s team of consultants has worked with various MFIs, with operations ranging from 1,000 to over 100,000 clients, such as Sewa Finance, a small MFI in Sri Lanka; and KOMIDA in Indonesia.

We have also collaborated with banks of different sizes from large ones like Equity Bank in Kenya to smaller ones, like Mufindi Community Bank Ltd in Tanzania.

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