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Micro SavingsMicroSave advocates for the development of a market-led micro savings sector in which the provision of financial services to the poor goes beyond the traditional micro credit offering. We are one of the first organisations to assert the importance of micro savings for the financially excluded.  

Very early on, MicroSave conducted action research, pilot tests and toolkits to guide financial institutions in understanding the cash flow and behavioural economics around poor and develop micro savings products.

MicroSave is particularly proud of its technical assistance in the operational implementation of these products. We are also a trusted partner in the research on microfinance models’ efficiency. In the past few years, MicroSave consultants have been working with several organisations across Asia and Africa to low income clients. We have worked with a variety of organisations including Kenya’s Equity Bank, Tanzania Postal Bank and IFMR Trust, Drishtee, Prayas and Eko in India to design or modify the savings solutions according to the needs of the target clientele.

Having worked across Asia and Africa we have developed robust experience and created knowledge material that is freely available on our site. We hope to share this years of experience with our clients and their worthwhile projects.

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