Value Chain Financing

Value Chain FinancingMicroSave’s advise on agriculture value chain financing and development is sought by institutions that aim to transform primary sectors of the economy into sustainable solutions for human development. MicroSave combines three specific competencies to offer value add advice to its clients. These are:

  1. Value chain analysis: In depth analysis of farm and non-farm value chains: MicroSave has so far conducted 16 farm value chain assessments. These included the following agricultural commodities: Cereals, (e.g. maize, rice and wheat), pulses (specifically red-gram), vegetables (onion, calamansi, ginger, kale, French beans, carrots, banana), cash crops (e.g. coconut, sugarcane, coffee and cocoa), animal husbandry (piggery, dairy, poultry, goatery) and 2 non-farm products were eri silk and baatik.
  2. Product development: Development of financial products with financial institutions to improve access to finance by smallholder farmers to improve production and productivity of the value chains. In many of these cases, MicroSave has developed financial products and linked the actors to unlock the potential of the value chains to the benefit the low income and poor smallholder producers.
  3. Institutional development: Strengthening the systems and processes of the semi-formal and formal but weak institutions to improve their services and enhancement of people’s livelihoods especially the marginalised poor.

Our value chain financing work has been sought by institutions across South Asia, South East Asia and Africa. Our clients include donors, financial institutions, member based institutions (e.g. producer companies and cooperatives) and government agencies.

Some of our prominent clients are Opportunity International Australia, Citi Foundation, ACPEU Microfinance , USAID- FIRM , RaboBank, ICCO,  ASKI, TSPI,; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (SHARE project) and Nestle. Financial institutions include, KWFT Microfinance Ltd, K-Rep Group of Companies (Kenya), Opportunity Bank Uganda, Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Ltd (Ghana).

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