Water and Sanitation Financing

MicroSave supports the global drive towards access to clean water and dignified sanitation (WASH). Our work in the water and sanitation financing space focuses on:   

  1. Market scoping and development: WASH sector is largely dominated by the public sector. The entry of the private sector has been slow due to poor information and perceived limited business opportunities. We conduct market assessments to advise our clients on the opportunities and risks and therefore reduce the information gap. The resultant assessments are used by FIs to designing of toolkits and financial savings and credit products.
  1. Development of financial products: Financial institutions interested in financing for uptake of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) related services and infrastructure amongst their client base have benefited from MicroSave’s advice. We worked with them to design and test financial products geared to improve the WASH status of their clients.

Our WASH financing work has been implemented across Asia (India, Indonesia) and Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania). Some of our esteemed clients and partners are IFC, Water.org (USA), Opportunity International Australia, WaterAid (UK), Tremolet Consulting Ltd (UK), ECLOF, Dia Vikas, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (SHARE Project), KWFT Microfinance Ltd, ECLOF Kenya and SMEP DTM Ltd.

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