Inclusive Finance and Banking All Projects


  • Effective Management of Non-Performing Advances for Arthavida Foundation

    The Sri Lanka based MFI, Arthavida Foundation (AvF), a sister concern of Arthacharya Foundation (AF), approached MicroSave seeking consulting to improve its portfolio quality. Until 30th June 2011, AF was engaged in both microfinance and non - microfinance activities. In June 2009, the PAR (>30days) of AF stood at an alarming 24%, which further rose to 40% by June 2010. The active loan clients and loan portfolio outstanding had also gone down. AF decided to transfer its microfinance operations to AvF on July 1, 2011. However, AVF faced severe challenges of improving portfolio quality. Rabobank Foundation, commissioned MicroSave to offered the technical support in 2009.
    On account of the technical assistance and proactive implementation by AvF, amongst several efficiency and productivity gains, the PAR (>30 days) was systematically reduced from 40% to 5%, within a short period of two years. This case study covers the challenges of AF and how a tripartite approach of intense engagement of a donor/investor, financial service provider and MicroSave came together to successfully address the problem of delinquency. Read the case study here.

  • Strengthening Financial Inclusion in Vietnam

    With funding support from Agence Francaise de Development, we are currently working with the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) to develop capacities of the central bank to facilitate development of a sustainable and healthy microfinance sector in Vietnam.
    Specifically, our team is assisting to:

    • Assess current legal framework
    • Establish new legal framework for market-driven, commercially sustainable and highly feasible microfinance activities to provide the poor, micro and small enterprises with diversified financial products
    • Strengthen the capacity of SBV to analyse, issue licenses, control and supervise microfinance activities in Vietnam

  • Institutional Support and Inclusive Finance Development Programme in India

    MicroSaveis currently working with Opportunity International Australia (OIA) / Dia-Vikas Capital Pvt. Ltd, a social investor, to support the growth of Indian microfinance sector and encourage the development of start-up MFIs in underserved areas.
    Specifically, our team is assisting Dia-Vikas to:

    • Identify, and support high potential MFIs – particularly in the North, East, and North-East of India
    • Extend capacity building support to 25 financial institutions in areas of strategic business plans/financial planning, market research, HR, staff incentives, process mapping, product development/pilot testing, loan portfolio audit

    We have provided capacity building support to 25 institutions, out of which 15 received equity/quasi-equity investments from Dia-Vikas. Some high achievers are Cashpor, RGVN, Chaitanya, and ESAF.
    Dia-Vikas describes the programme as “an extraordinary success that would have been impossible without the dedication, professionalism and technical capacity of MicroSave”.

  • Credit Process Re-engineering for Housing Finance Bank Limited, Uganda

    We worked with the Housing Finance Bank Limited (HFBL) to help them achieve operational excellence for a superior customer experience; high staff productivity and efficiency; quick turn round time; better credit underwriting standards; and high sales growth.
    The team supported the Bank with:

    • Review of critical business processes covering Business Loans, Corporate Loans, Swift Loans and Mortgage Loans product
    • Implementation of the re-engineered processes to attain the desired operational excellence

  • Microfinance Institutional Development Programme, Indonesia

    With funding support from Cordaid-Rabo Bank Foundation, MicroSave supported a selected group of microfinance institutions (MFI) in Indonesia to strengthen the microfinance programme in the country.
    Our team assisted the partners to:

    • Develop and refine products aligned  to the client needs
    • Conduct Social Performance Management (SPM) assessment and develop SPM indicators
    • Re-engineered human resource practices, salary & benefits structure, training & evaluation process and performance management system to increase employee engagement
    • Build partner staff and local consultant capacities on MicroSave toolkits, inlcuding  Strategic business planning, portfolio risk management, product review/ manual development, operations manual, development of standard operating procedure for group lending, pilot test support for group lending, training for Account Officers, etc. 

  • Institutional Transformation to support Deposit Mobilisation at Access Bank, Tanzania

    With funding support from RegionalMSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa (REGMIFA), we assisted Access Bank Tanzania (ABT) in its transformation from a microfinance focused bank to a regulated commercial bank.
    The team focused on supporting the bank to:

    • Strengthen deposit mobilisation activities across a wide range of interconnected areas, including, human resources, marketing, liquidity management, products and services, training and business process re-engineering and staff incentive schemes. 

  • Support Launch of Micro-remittance services in the Philippines

    We supported APPEND, a network of financial institutions providing financial services to the poor in the Philippines, to launch its own remittance service in the country

    Specifically, we supported the APPEND partners and Opportunity International Australia to:

    • Identify and conceptualize an innovative business model that leverages the synergy of existing microfinance branch network, community agents and mobile technology to increase formal remittance outreach in rural areas
    • Assess the remittance market in the Philippines
    • Develop product, price, and promotion strategy along with support in implementing technology and back-end settlement solution
    • Formulate go-to market strategy to set up 1200 remittance centres across the Philippines