MSME Finance Projects MSME Market Demand in Rwanda


  • MSME Market Demand in Rwanda

    A Rwandese bank with a strong microfinance presence (who prefers to remain anonymous) wanted a stronger SME portfolio. MicroSave’s role was to identify key segments and develop customised financial products for them. We first developed an SME strategy (including mission, products, services, customers, risks, results, and structure). We then mapped the market demand and supply for financing, developed financing product and identified four low-risk segments with high demand. We also helped with SME loan descriptions, policies, selection criteria and credit scoring, and credit methodology, including collateral management.


  • Despite criticism over high interest rates, over-indebtedness and little to no impact on poverty alleviation, microcredit has reached impressive and continued growth worldwide. For long, behavioural economists opined that microcredit mechanisms work as behavioural levers on the same features...

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  • In this presentation, Anup Singh domain leader of SME Finance domain at MicroSave highlights the key opportunities for the banks in enhancing access to finance to SMEs and also retaining customers through provision of non-financial services. Amongst other things, the focus is on use of...

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