MSME Finance Projects Refining Product Offerings for MSME Markets in Uganda


  • Refining Product Offerings for MSME Markets in Uganda

    MicroSave is supporting a leading Ugandan microfinance bank to enhance their position in the SME markets through understanding the market and refining/developing a new product that addresses both the institutional and client needs. The main objective of this project is to understand the financing needs of the SME sector in Uganda, review the current SME offering, carry out a diagnostic assessment of the bank, identify and address the challenges and refine/develop a suitable SME loan product for piloting and rollout. MicroSave supported the bank to define/develop/review SME loan offerings and profitability including SME loan concept and prototype; business case simulations for SME loan profitability; SME loan description, policies, terms and conditions; selection criteria; and credit methodology. The project is in its pilot phase now.


  • Despite criticism over high interest rates, over-indebtedness and little to no impact on poverty alleviation, microcredit has reached impressive and continued growth worldwide. For long, behavioural economists opined that microcredit mechanisms work as behavioural levers on the same features...

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  • In this presentation, Anup Singh domain leader of SME Finance domain at MicroSave highlights the key opportunities for the banks in enhancing access to finance to SMEs and also retaining customers through provision of non-financial services. Amongst other things, the focus is on use of...

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