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Building Business Models for Mobile Money

05 Jan 2012 7927
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To understand and assess the business of mobile banking more clearly and in more detail, this note uses a business model framework and some of the concepts co-created by an active and vibrant community of practitioners in an online community called the "business model innovation hub". The business model revolves around 9 building blocks, described by Osterwald et al. These are:

1. Customer Segments: An organisation serves one or several customer segments
2. Value Propositions: It seeks to solve customer problems and satisfy needs
3. Channels: Value propositions delivered to customers through communication, distribution and sales channels
4. Customer Relationships: Are established and maintained with each customer segments
5. Revenue Streams: Result from value prepositions successfully offered to clients
6. Key Resources: Assets required to offer and deliver the previously described elements
7. Key Activities: By performing a number of key activities
8. Key Partnerships: Some activities are outsourced and some
9. Cost Structure: The business model elements result in the cost structure

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