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Governance Challenges and Possible Solutions for Small to Mid-size BPRs
In both the 2008 and 2009 Microfinance Banana Skins reports, corporate governance was ranked as one of the topmost pressing risks facing the sector. The Banking Banana Skins report 2012 also recognised the need of stronger governance and risk management practices. Key industry players...
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Catalysing Capacity Development: Assessing the Need for Training 

Author: S. Mishra, Ramesh Arunachalam, S. Narayanan, Graham A.N. Wright
Published: February 17, 2006


This note summarises the key findings and recommendations of a study conducted by MicroSave to understand and analyse the need for training/capacity development, optimal contents and structure of training courses as well as the organisations/institutes best placed to deliver training in the different regions of the country. The key findings and recommendations revolves around—identifying suitable trainings, following adult learning best practices, use classroom plus on-site follow-up technical assistance, developing an integrated microfinance curriculum, comprehensive training packages in India, and targeting of inputs in a clear and legible ways.

Tags: Microfinance , Capacity building , India , South Asia , BN46 , BN 46

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