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Are There Lessons For India From Bangladesh? 
This focus note provides lessons for the joint liability group based Indian microfinance sector in the realm of product offering from three different MFIs of Bangladesh—ASA, BRAC and Grameen Bank. While ASA’s single product experience provides focussing on efficiency to achieve...
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Understanding the Demand for Financial Products among the Female Youth of Central Java
MicroSave has conducted an exploratory market research to understand the needs of the youth (age group 15 to 30) for financial products (and some non financial services) required to increase employability (including people who wish to start their own enterprises). This report contains...
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Characteristics of Mumbai Microfinance Market

Author: Ravi Kant, Anant Natu, Sunil Bhat, T.V.S. Ravi Kumar
Published: September 06, 2010


The Mumbai market is unique and needs to be approached in a different way by MFIs. Since Mumbai is a busy place, MFIs need to make their operations efficient and faster: weekly group meetings are likely to be unpopular. This Note analyses the way poor entrepreneurs in Mumbai currently finance their businesses, and the options and opportunities for MFIs in Mumbai. It then provides some pointers on how best to design products for this unique urban market, and concludes that with care, and thoughtful product design, Mumbai promises to be a very lucrative market for microfinance.

Tags: South Asia , IFN50 , IFN 50 , Microfinance , Business model , Joint liability group , Process re-engineering , India

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