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Toolkit: Product Roll-out
Rolling-out new products and taking them to scale after the completion of a pilot-test is a difficult and complex process. Rollout is the process of moving a product from the successful conclusion of the pilot test, to the point where it is fully operational in all desired locations. It is a...
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Securing the Silent: Microinsurance in India-The Story So Far
Insurance industry of India achieved one of the highest growth rates in the world. Post liberalisation in 2000, Indian insurance industry has grown at the average rate of 15-20% every year. Microinsurance also developed as a sub-segment of the insurance industry in this period. Being a...
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Do the M-PESA Rails Contribute to Financial Inclusion?


A substantial proportion of the Kenyan population is using M-PESA as an addition to bank savings accounts, and less frequently, as a full-scale substitute. The worry among financial inclusion proponents and banks is that poor people will use M-PESA as a substitute for formal institutions. The note examines progress towards financial inclusion in Kenya, and concludes that while M-PESA's rails offer the potential, Kenya may yet have to wait to realise comprehensive, commercially sound, affordable and effective financial inclusion.

Tags: Agent banking , Financial inclusion , Delivery channels , Agent networks , Mobile banking , Mobile money , Safaricom , Mobile wallet , BN 95 , BN95 , MicroSave , MicroSave africa , Kenya , East Africa

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