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Electronic Banking: The Next Revolution in Financial Access
This focus note highlights the role of e-banking in improving financial access to the poor. It brings forth three major reasons viz. inadequate customer value proposition for the end users, a poorly developed business case for the companies collaborating, and a debilitating environment,...
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Understanding the ‘Cost of Cash’ for Low Income Clients: Why and How?
Identifying the right Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is essential for the large scale adoption of m-banking or mobile money services. MicroSave developed a "cost of cash" tool specifically around for understanding the pain involved in cash transactions (with an eye towards...
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E/M-Banking Booklet: Volume I

Author: MicroSave
Published: September 29, 2010


The E/M-Banking Booklet is the first publication under the Optimising Performance and Efficiency (OPE) Series. The OPE Series brings together key insights and ideas on specific topics, with clear objective of providing microfinance practitioners with practical and actionable advice.
The E/M-Banking Booklet is a compendium of MicroSave’s Briefing Notes and India Focus Notes which focus on a wide range of opportunities, issues and challenges. This brief publication mines MicroSave’s rich experience and blends it with that of leading consultants and practitioners in the field of electronic and mobile banking. There are enriching experiences from Africa and Asia where MicroSave has partnered with a variety of e/m-banking service providers.

Tags: Business model , Mobile banking , Financial services , CGAP , Conventional banking , Mobile technology , MFIs , Electronic banking , Agent incentives , Value proposition , Service delivery mechanisms

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