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Incentivising E/M-Banking Agents

Author: Shivshankar V., Nitin Garg
Published: November 15, 2011


For agents to wholly endorse the e/m-banking proposition, to motivate them to recruit customers, and to maintain float and perform transactions - sufficiently incentivising agents is extremely important. This note discusses the basics of incentivising e/m-banking agents. It also discusses the different types of incentives and experience across different e/m-banking deployments. Agents are the primary customer interface for the implementing banks/ANMs. The success of the ANM is largely dependent on the performance of the agent. Hence it becomes extremely important to sufficiently incentivise the agents. Apart from devising the right incentive model, it is also important to choose the right channel and frequency for the payment of commission that keeps the agents motivated to remain in the business and facilitate client transactions.

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