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Managing Agent Networks to Optimise E- and M-Banking Systems Part-1
There is growing recognition that effectively managing agents is key to the success of e-banking and indeed m-banking systems. There is growing literature on the functioning of agent networks and strategies to get the best out of them. This note examines some of the international experience...
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Lessons from CSMs: Agent Perspectives

Author: Nitin Garg, Ritesh Dhawan, Minakshi Ramji
Published: November 18, 2011


This Note explores how Customer and Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Management (CSM) exercises helped Eko India Financial Services, a business correspondent network manager (BCNM) for State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank in Delhi and Bihar, improve its systems over an 18-month period. This Note particularly focuses on agent (customer service point/CSP) feedback. Regular CSM exercises can be very helpful in taking the pulse of its agents or customer service points (CSPs). For Eko, feedback from agents resulted in improved agent management systems, the introduction of a dedicated CSP hotline and prompt remuneration for agents. Furthermore, based on the CSMs, Eko also received insights into the agent selection process and marketing.

Tags: IFN 81 , Mobile money network , Mobile money agents , Agent networks , Digital Financial Services , Process analysis , Product marketing , Market research (qualitative) , India , South Asia , Eko , State Bank of India , IFN81

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