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M-Shwari: Market Reactions and Potential Improvements
M-Shwari, launched in November 2012, it is already receiving much attention for its mobile phone based credit scoring system, and robust growth rate. MicroSave, with inputs from Grameen App Labs, conducted market research to assess customers' perceptions of and reactions to M-Shwari. From...
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Lessons from CSMs: Customer Perspectives

Author: Nitin Garg, Minakshi Ramji, Ritesh Dhawan
Published: November 25, 2011


This Note focuses on feedback received from customers on the product offering, customer service, and the processes involved in m-banking, all important aspects of product acceptance and usage. The information in this Note was collected during several Customer and Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Management (CSM) exercises with Eko India Financial Services (Eko), a business correspondent network manager (BCNM) for State Bank of India (SBI) and ICICI Bank in Delhi and Bihar, over an 18-month period. Based on the CSM feedback, Eko has now taken significant, yet often simple, steps to augment customer satisfaction, such as the introduction of new services and an improved back-end MIS to improve transaction confirmation, amongst others.

Tags: Digital Financial Services , Client protection , Product development , Process analysis , Mobile banking , Eko , State Bank of India , India , South Asia , IFN82 , IFN 82 , Market research (qualitative) , MicroSave tools

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