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Deposit Assessment in Nepal
Commissioned by IFC, MicroSave conducted the "South Asia Deposit Assessment" studies to increase understanding of the demand and supply of savings products among poor in Nepal. The reports highlight regulatory and operational challenges for financial institutions and mobile banking...
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Catalysing Capacity Development: Assessing the Need for Training 
This note summarises the key findings and recommendations of a study conducted by MicroSave to understand and analyse the need for training/capacity development, optimal contents and structure of training courses as well as the organisations/institutes best placed to deliver training in the...
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Lessons Learned from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme 2007-2009: Delivering Training and Technical Assistance

Author: Graham A.N. Wright
Published: May 04, 2009


This note builds on MicroSave's Action Research Programme financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to draw lessons in delivering training and technical support to Indian Microfinance Institutions. In addition, it provides an overview of the supply of trainings to these MFIS and highlights the needs for capacity building of the middle and upper management in Indian MFIs, and the MicroSave tools that are used to fill this gap.

Tags: Microfinance , Capacity building , Industry analysis , India , South Asia , IFN 16 , IFN16

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