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Vulnerability, Risks, Assets and Empowerment – The Impact of Microfinance on Poverty...
The research was conducted throughout Kampala in a range of settings. This research paper examines which groups among the poor Uganda Women’s Finance Trust (UWFT) reaches. It aims at understanding the nature of risks confronting the poor clients of the UWFT and how financial services...
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Lessons Learned from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme 2007-2009: Delivering Training and Technical Assistance

Author: Graham A.N. Wright
Published: May 04, 2009


This note builds on MicroSave's Action Research Programme financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to draw lessons in delivering training and technical support to Indian Microfinance Institutions. In addition, it provides an overview of the supply of trainings to these MFIS and highlights the needs for capacity building of the middle and upper management in Indian MFIs, and the MicroSave tools that are used to fill this gap.

Tags: Microfinance , Capacity building , Industry analysis , India , South Asia , IFN 16 , IFN16

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