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Is the Business Correspondent Model in Policy Paralysis?
Banking regulations and government policies have been, and will continue to be, vital determinants of the progress of e/m-banking and the impact it can deliver, particularly for bank-led models. At times, however, there has been a blurred dividing line, and even tension, between the roles of...
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Mobile Phone-Based E-Banking: The Customer Value Proposition 
The need for a branch infrastructure and managing high volumes of low value transactions are the barriers related to serving the low-income market. While outlining the features of mobile banking, the note warns that the failure of such initiatives is often due to its inappropriateness to...
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Marketing E/M-Banking More Deliberately and Strategically (1/5)

Author: Stanley Thomas, Swati Mehta
Published: September 14, 2011


The note is the first of a series of technical briefs focused on strategic marketing for mobile money, covering the following topics: Challenges in marketing, Branding, Product marketing, and, Parallel links with successful marketing efforts to the rural poor by other industries. This note, in particular, attempts to highlight the need for marketing e/m-banking services and derives its content from several field research initiatives undertaken by MicroSave along with its Action Research Partners (ARPs) in India, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Colombia, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines. The note also introduces the strategic marketing framework of MicroSave and how it applies to e/m-banking context.

Tags: Agent banking , Electronic banking , Product marketing , Financial products , MicroSave , BN102 , BN 102 , E-banking , M-Banking , Mobile money , Mobile banking , Branchless banking

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