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Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) in Uganda
Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) is a savings led programme piloted by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with the broad aim of supporting the poor to diversify their income generating activities. This is a report of the evaluation study of SILC in Uganda to assess its...
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Process Mapping in Practice  


This note discusses process mapping - a technique that makes workflows visible. A process map is a flowchart that shows who is doing what, with whom, when, for how long and with what documents. This note outlines the steps in process mapping which include - identifying and prioritising operational gaps. It documents the benefits of process mapping, explores the challenges and suggests ways to overcome them.

Tags: BN41 , BN 41 , MicroSave , Microfinance , Uganda , Southern Africa , FINCA , CMF (Commercial Microfinance Ltd.) , Process mapping , Process testing , Action research , Microfinance institution , MFIs , Risk containment , Financial services

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