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The Andhra Pradesh Crisis: Clients' Perspective
This Note focuses exclusively on clients' perspectives, before and after the crisis, gathered by the MicroSave team at various points of time, in a wide variety of locations, across Andhra Pradesh after the crisis broke in October 2010. The credit discipline, which was carefully nurtured...
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Savings Are A Human Right (And Good Business Too) The Case for Voluntary, Open...
Based on experiences drawn from Bangladesh, this essay puts forward a case for voluntary, open-access savings schemes as a profitable alternative to compulsory, locked-in savings schemes. It quotes examples from the experiences of BURO as opposed to that of Grameen Bank and BRAC. Locked-in...
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Process Mapping in Practice


This paper summarises the experience that MicroSave has gained in process mapping through working with its Action Research Partners. It highlights key benefits, which can be achieved through process mapping. It presents brief case studies detailing the experience of Tanzania Postal Bank and Equity Bank in Kenya. Finally it provides tips on how to overcome common challenges faced during the process mapping exercise.

Tags: Risk management , Tanzania Postal Bank , Microfinance institution , MicroSave , Process mapping , MFIs , Microfinance , Process analysis , Financial service providers , Financial services

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