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Financial inclusion has witnessed extraordinary investments and efforts from a variety of stakeholders in India over the past two years. There is however, a need to step back and objectively assess several vital measures that have been undertaken in recent times, together with the...
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Provisioning for Loan Impairment in MFIs

Author: Anil Paul, Raj Kumar
Published: August 10, 2009


Maintaining adequate reserves to cushion against future loan losses has again been highlighted in the wake of recent financial crisis. This India Focus Note delves into the importance of this for the microfinance sector, highlights current challenges, and possible ways forward in provisioning for loan losses for Indian MFIs.

Tags: Microfinance , Retail banks , Risk management , Regulations , Credit risks , India , South Asia , Sa-Dhan , SEEP Network , IFN22 , IFN 22

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