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There is some debate, but not enough, about the potential profitability of the mobile money solutions that are so widely promoted as the answer to financial inclusion. In MicroSave's Briefing Note 97 "The Business Case for Branchless Banking - What's Missing?", Ann-Byrd...
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Sustainability of BC Network Managers (BCNMs) - Review of Commission Structures

Author: Chris Linder, Shivshankar V., Ghiyazuddin Mohammad
Published: July 25, 2011


Business correspondents (agents) and their managing support organisations, BCNMs, play a very important role in promoting Financial Inclusion in India, yet they often face the biggest challenge of sustainability. This Note critically analyses the different commission structures and the implications this has on the top-line revenue of the BCNMs. For this purpose, MicroSave analysed six actual branchless banking commission structures offered by three major banks in India. The objective of this note is to present common ways banks use to compensate BCNMs for various services and provide an indication of commissions that may be relatively more rewarding.

Tags: ICICI bank , State Bank of India , IFN72 , IFN 72 , Digital Financial Services , Agent networks , Costing and pricing , Agent banking , Business model , India , South Asia , Eko , FINO

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