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Provisioning for Loan Impairment in MFIs
Maintaining adequate reserves to cushion against future loan losses has again been highlighted in the wake of recent financial crisis. This India Focus Note delves into the importance of this for the microfinance sector, highlights current challenges, and possible ways forward in provisioning...
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SPM Case Study: Nirantara – Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise
MicroSave conducted a Social Performance Management (SPM) exercise with Nirantara to help the organisation better align its operations and strategy with its social mission. The focus was on client needs and preferences. Nirantara Community Services (Nirantara) was founded in 2006 as a...
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The Andhra Pradesh Crisis: So What Next?

Author: Graham A.N. Wright, Manoj Sharma
Published: December 18, 2010


This note examines how the Indian MFIs should respond to save their industry - denial is no longer an option. It examines how MFIs need to improve transparency of interest rates, governance and operations; as well as analysing and documenting their social performance management. It looks at the role of a credit bureau and concludes that ultimately, MFIs will have to move towards 3rd generation microfinance, probably on the mobile money platforms.

Tags: Andhra Pradesh , South Asia , India , Graham AN Wright , Manoj Sharma , Microfinance , AP MFI Crisis , Industry analysis , Risk management , MicroSave , MicroSave india , Microfinance institution , Multiple lending , Andhra Crisis , IFN56 , Responsible lending , Overindebtedness , Transparency , MFIs , Interest rate , Multiple borrowing

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