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Lessons from MicroSave’s Action Research Programme (2004)
Under its Action Research Programme, MicroSave learns and disseminates lessons relating to market-led microfinance. This note documents lessons learned during 2004. It analyses the progress made using MicroSave tools like – process mapping, risk management, customer service, branch...
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The Andhra Pradesh Crisis: What Should MFIs Do?

Author: Graham A.N. Wright, Manoj Sharma
Published: December 13, 2010


Clearly the microfinance, or better said "microcredit", industry in India is undergoing a major shake-up. This note examines the nature of the shake-up and likely consequences including interest rate caps, sources of capital, equity valuations and the worst case scenario. It concludes that long-term the current turmoil in Indian microfinance may result in improved financial services for the poor - so long as they are easily accessible and not in high cost to operate areas. In the short run the options for poor people will shrink significantly - much to their detriment.

Tags: MicroSave , MicroSave india , Microfinance , AP MFI Crisis , Industry analysis , Business model , Policy , Reserve Bank of India , SIDBI , India , South Asia , IFN56 , IFN 56

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