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Microinsurance: A Case Study of An Example of the Mutual Model of Microinsurance...
This study reviews the Mutual Model of health care financing. It presents an overview of the mechanisms and practicalities of the model, as well as the satisfaction level of the partners and the market. It underlines the significance of group quality and the role of leaders in popularising...
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Savings Services for the Poor – An Old Need and A New Opportunity for MFIs in India 
This note discusses about savings as an important and effective strategy for poor households to avoid potential loss of economic status or independence as a result of a crisis. It also provides a corollary to the theorem “poor cannot save” through various demonstrations in the...
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The Art and Science of Pricing Financial Services 

Author: Hermann Messan, David Cracknell
Published: March 20, 2006


This note discusses the pricing concerns from customers’ perspective and the difficulty in understanding the costs associated with the financial services. It highlights three main factors for pricing a product—costs, competition and value. It also underlines the importance of transparency in developing a business and the ways to improve it by ensuring that staff members know the products and services well. The note also points out the role played by regulators in reporting the price of a product and voluntary disclosure of actual pricing to customers by the MFIs. It further considers the factors in pricing loans, savings and e-banking products by the MFIs. Conclusively, it recommends building and developing capacities to perform pricing.

Tags: Pricing loans , BN49 , BN 49 , MicroSave , Retail banks , Costing and pricing , Product development , Savings , Mobile banking , Transparency , Pricing method , Financial services , Pricing savings

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