Top Marketing Challenges for E/M-Banking (2/5)

Author: Stanley Thomas, Swati Mehta, Ritesh Dhawan
Published: October 03, 2011


Marketing cannot only be seen as an expense to avoid or incur as little as possible. Through marketing, customers are told about a service and how it addresses their need and gives them a reason to use the service. In case of e/m-banking, while there has been significant investment in marketing and promotions, not many providers (except for a few) have achieved significant scale in customer adoption. This note attempts to summarise the key challenges that the e/m-banking service providers face while promoting their services and also covers potential, actionable steps that could address the challenges.

Tags: Product development , Mobile money , Marketing Budgets , Mobile banking , Customer service , Branchless banking , E-banking , M-Banking , Customer adoption , MicroSave , BN103 , BN 103 , E/M-banking

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