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M-Banking Liquidity Management
Managing liquidity is critical to the success of any electronic banking initiative because in most emerging markets payment systems are still evolving and most transactions are still in cash, "cash is king". Ensuring agents have either e-money or cash when customers require it, is...
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Top Marketing Challenges for E/M-Banking (2/5)

Author: Stanley Thomas, Swati Mehta, Ritesh Dhawan
Published: October 03, 2011


Marketing cannot only be seen as an expense to avoid or incur as little as possible. Through marketing, customers are told about a service and how it addresses their need and gives them a reason to use the service. In case of e/m-banking, while there has been significant investment in marketing and promotions, not many providers (except for a few) have achieved significant scale in customer adoption. This note attempts to summarise the key challenges that the e/m-banking service providers face while promoting their services and also covers potential, actionable steps that could address the challenges.

Tags: Product development , Mobile money , Marketing Budgets , Mobile banking , Customer service , Branchless banking , E-banking , M-Banking , Customer adoption , MicroSave , BN103 , BN 103 , E/M-banking

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