Responsible Finance Team Akhilesh Kumar Singh


Senior Manager - Inclusive Finance & Banking

Akhilesh Kumar Singh is a Senior Manager and leads MicroSave’s Microfinance country programme in the Philippines and Sri Lanka. He is a financial sector consultant with over 17 years of experience in advising banks and MFIs in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Philippines and Mozambique. His core areas of specialisation include strategic business planning, behavioural research and user centric design, human resource management, staff incentive schemes design, user centric product development, business process re-engineering, risk management, institutional assessment and financial capability programme design for low income segment.

Examples of his recent work include: 

  • Alliance Microfinance board advisory in Sri Lanka, funded by Alliance Finance: Review of the overall business model, strategy, process, product, operations, internal control, and governance structure and apprise board members on the current state of the business, associated risk and remedies. (2015)   
  • Sonata Liquidity risk manage in India, funded by IFC: Review of current liquidity management practice, process and tool, assess its aptness, designing comprehensive liquidity management tool and supporting policies in line with international best practice        
  • PGMF HR systems and polices assessment in Myanmar, funded by IFC: Analysing current HR management practices in PGMF. We have analyse the PGMF HR management practices in light of changing microfinance landscape in Mynamar and made recommendation for change. The analysis was followed with HR workshop with PGMF HR team to discuss the recommendation in details. (2015)      
  • Banko Terra customer centricity assessment in Mozambique, funded by FSD Mozambique: Review the Banko Terra current strategy, policies, process, product, practice and people and conduct customer research to understand customer need and wants. Post data collection we did in-depth analysis to see if Banko Terra is following customer centric approach at institution level. (2015)
  • Financial capability gap assessment of OK Remit customer in the Philippines, funded by Citi Foundation: Conducted research on OK remit clients using behavioural research tools to understand financial capability of the client. Used the research finding to design the financial capability programme for the OK Remit clients. (2015)         
  • Code of conduct assessment of MFIs in India, funded by SIDBI: Reviewing COCA reports and consolidate the qualitative and quantitative observations in each report. Published report is serves as a good reference for the sector to understand MFI’s compliance to prescribed code of conduct in India. (2014)   
  • Meghalaya Basin Development Authority in India, funded by MBDA: Studying the regulations and development of cooperative societies in the state of Meghalaya, recommending best IVCS model out of the given three models. (2014)                    
  • Training on Institutional Assessment in India, funded by NeDFi: Preparing training module and training the participants. (2013)
  • Branch Efficiency Management in the Philippines for ASKI, funded by Opportunity International Australia: Analysing existing branch efficiency in terms of day to day management of the branch including staff management, loan portfolio management, fund management and overall risk management of the branch. (2013)
  • Growth Strategy Review in the Philippines for ASKI, funded by Opportunity International Australia: Assessment of loan portfolio growth under various products and related risk based on their existing system and process, operational model, human resource development and internal controls. (2013)

Prior to joining MicroSave, Akhilesh worked as a Deputy General Manager in Cashpor Micro Credit India, a large MFI operating in the underserved north of the country. There, he worked to develop the strategic business plan, fund mobilisation, portfolio management and training. He has been through management development programme offered by IIM, Ahmedabad. He holds bachelor degree in Mathematics and an Advance Diploma in Rural Technology Development and Management from the Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology in India. He is fluent in Hindi and English.