Digital Financial Services Team William Olwanziro Nanjero


Principal Consultant - Helix Institute of Digital Finance
Nairobi, Kenya

William Olwanziro Nanjero is a Principal Consultantat Helix Institute of Digital Finance in MicroSave. He is a financial inclusion expert with a proven track record of planning, training, developing and deploying successful business models in Kenya, South Africa and Zambia. His areas of expertise include implementing training strategies, project implementation, preparation, planning and execution of area sales programs, business development and overall agent management.
Examples of his recent works include:

  • Digital Financial Services Curriculum Development and Delivery in Kenya, funded by MicroSave: Responsible for overseeing the planning and implementing training and consulting assignments, supporting development of staff and offering mentoring opportunities. (2016)
  • Market Revenue Growth, EBITDA and Channel Partner Liquidity in Zambia, funded by Zoona: Responsible to manage monthly schedules for all the distribution teams, to ensure excellence in new agent recruitment, setup and activation. (2015)
  • System and Process Management across all markets in South Africa, funded by Zoona: Responsible for providing various markets with tools that ensure revenue targets are achieved and exceeded and setting up structures that ensure that all customer touch points are mapped out. (2015)

Before joining MicroSave, William was a Regional Operations Managerat Zoona where he undertook various roles, from setting up and managing systems and processes to agent training and support. He holds an MBA with specialisation in Marketing Management from the University of Greenwich in London.