MicroSave Consulting or MSC is the world’s local expert in financial, economic, and social inclusion in the digital age. We work with participants in digital ecosystems to drive the agenda of inclusion for everyone.

Our roster of over 190 staff members provides market-led insights, dependable expertise, and useful advice across a wide variety of fields. We take pride in sharing our on-ground lessons with the community to enable knowledge transfer and to build discussions on key topics. With our time-tested inputs, our clients are able to seize the digital opportunity, address the mass market, and future-proof their operations.

Posts by MSC

Individual Lending Booklet

This is the fifth publication under the (OPE) Series. This booklet brings together a set of brief publications which extract key lessons from MicroSave’s rich expertise on individual lending issues.

The Andhra Crisis:The Beginning Of An End Or End Of A Beginning?

This presentation discusses the causes and reaction of the clients from Andhra Pradesh crisis…

Kenya Experience Beyond M-PESA

In this video Amolo Ng’weno, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation talks about the operations of M-Pesa in Kenya, that is reaching over 12 million people at 19,000 outlets. She also explains the methodology of M-Pesa and its implementation by Equity Bank, Kenya.

E/M-Banking Booklet: Volume I

The 1st Optimising Performance and Efficiency Series (OPE Series) brings together key insights and ideas on specific topics, with the clear objective of providing microfinance practitioners with practical and actionable advice

Risk Management Booklet

The Risk Management Booklet is the fourth publication under the (OPE) Series. This Booklet is a compendium of MicroSave’s BNs and IFNs which focus on wide range of opportunities, issues-challenges.

Product Development Booklet

The Product Development (PD) is second publication (OPE) Series. This brief publication mines MicroSave’s rich experience and blends it with that of leading consultants and practitioners in PD and research.

Savings Booklet

The Savings is the third publication under the OPE Series. This Booklet brings together a set of brief publications which delve into MicroSave’s rich sectoral expertise and leading practitioner’s opinions.

Who is a Good Client?

In this video, Equity Bank loan officers discuss the qualities they seek in a Biashara Imara client. And every credit officer looks for a client who is consistent, has command over his/her business, communicates with the credit officer and pays the loan on time. The video also covers the response of Biashara Imara clients who […]