Premasis Mukherjee

Premasis Mukherjee is currently working as an Independent Banking Consultant. He advises banks and financial institutions on digital finance and payments strategy.

Premasis Mukherjee worked as a Group Leader and Senior Manager at MSC. He led the Research and Social Security and Insurance practice of the company. He helps financial institutions across Asia and Africa in innovation and User-Centric design of products, processes, business models and strategic plans. He is a technical lead in Digital Finance, Behavioral Economics, Inclusive Finance, Social Security and Pensions, and Supply Chain Finance. After leaving MSC, he has also worked with the International Finance Corporation.

Posts by Premasis Mukherjee

Microinsurance Regulation: What drives the sector?

Regulation and government policies have been instrumental in the growth of microinsurance across different countries of the world. Though lot of countries have developed or are developing specific microinsurance regulation, the success and impact of those remain diverse. In this podcast, the microinsurance team of MSC discusses what aspects of regulation creates an effective and […]

Alternative Distribution Channels in mInsurance and Need for Value Alignment

This presentation stressed on the need to understand the business model and business economics of the partner stakeholders in the mobile insurance value chain.

Using Mobile/Agent Channel for Insurance/Pension

This presentation raises questions on value alignment, challenges of mInsurance models and an abridged strategic tool to launch voluntary mInsurance products.

Mobile Insurance: The need for value alignment

Mobile insurance is emerging as the newest distribution in insurance and microinsurance. In this podcast, MSC’s expert Premasis Mukherjee (Microinsurance domain) discusses the possibilities and challenges of mobile insurance including over the counter and bank-agent based distribution channels across the globe. He emphasises that a mobile insurance product or programme can sustain only if there […]

Towards De-risking disasters

In this report, MicroSave’s Microinsurance experts, Premasis Mukherjee and Sunil Bhat, study the potential for scaling up index-based disaster insurance for South and South Asian countries.

Index based Insurance as a Tool for Disaster Management – A study in South and South East Asia

At a recently concluded conference – Enhancing outreach for Micro Insurance – hosted by Sanasa Insurance Company Limited (SICL) in Sri Lanka, MicroSave’s Senior Analyst, Sunil Bhat, presented an index insurance study.

Securing the silent Vol. III – Securing old age: The Indian story of micro pensions

In this revised edition of Securing the Silent, we assess the micro pension sector of India, which is estimated to have a potential of USD2.5billion per year. This state of the sector study is the first of its kind detailed objective analysis of micro pension sector in India.

Client Suitability: Role of Market Research in Microinsurance

In this Note, MicroSave discusses the role market research plays in the design of product and delivery channel strategy for microinsurance.