Signature Projects

MSC has supported Equity Bank over the past two decades across a number of key areas, which has helped the bank’s customer base to grow from 109,000 to over 12 million across six countries.
In Kenya, MSC helped HFC Bank to roll out a digital transformation strategy for its low- and middle-income customers. MSC conducted a research and used insights to make recommendations on HFC Bank’s digital roadmap. HFC launched its HF Whizz app in 2018, which facilitated transactions worth KES 686 million (USD 6.8 million) in two months since its launch.
Under this assignment, MSC developed a plan to help Proximity Finance, Myanmar transform into a financial institution that provides a comprehensive range of financial services. After transforming, Proximity Finance managed to achieve an outstanding gross loan portfolio of USD 15 million.
Along with the Cordaid-Rabobank Foundation, MSC supported 15 microfinance institutions spread across Java and Bali islands in Indonesia in two phases of engagement. Over 345,341 micro-entrepreneurs benefitted from accessing enhanced financial services that were a result of this engagement.
MSC worked to strengthen over 65 MFIs in remote and rural areas in India. As a result of MSC’s work, three MFIs transformed to become small payments banks, while together, the 65 MFIs now serve more than 40 million customers.
MSC helped Access Bank in Tanzania to boost its deposit mobilization. MSC’s intervention resulted in the bank being able to diversify its deposit base gradually. By the end of 2017, the bank had customer deposits of USD 87.4 million sourced from over 269,000 depositors across 15 branches.

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