Assistant Manager – Food and Public Distribution
1-5 yrs.
Job type
Full time
Job Summary

If you are interested in public policy, have a knack for consulting and research, and want to improve the lives of the poor and underprivileged, this is the place for you. You will be part of a highly motivated and experienced team of consultants who work with governments across Asia and Africa. In this role, you will create social impact through government policies related to social protection, technology, food security, agriculture, rural development, and urban development, among others.

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Essential Skills

The applicant should bring excellent communication skills, writing skills, presentation skills, research skills (primary and secondary), intellectual curiosity, and should be passionate about the social and development sector. The incumbent should also have the ability to lead small assignments under supervision, build client relationships, and contribute to business development. Strong attention to detail, field orientation, proven interpersonal skills, good spoken and written English, and proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel will be added advantages.


The Assistant Manager will act as a representative of MSC at the Department of Food and Public Distribution. The primary responsibility will be to help and support the initiatives of the Department of Food and Public Distribution in the areas of Public Distribution System (PDS) including ONORC (portability), supply chain reforms, data analytics, NFSA, among others and as finalized between the Department of Food and Public Distribution and MSC from time to time. The incumbent will also help MSC to execute projects/ requests that MSC may get from the Department of Food and Public Distribution from time to time.

The Assistant Manager – Food and Public Distribution, will have the following responsibilities:

  • Work alongside a team of consultants employed by MSC at the Department of Food and Public Distribution working on aspects of PDS including ONRC (portability), data analytics, supply chain, Monitoring and Evaluation, DBT, NFSA, among others.,
  • Provide strategic/ technical support to the Department of Food and Public Distribution to ideate, define, and operationalize the initiatives undertaken by the Department from time to time,
  • Provide operational day-to-day support to the Department of Food and Public Distribution to run/ implement the ongoing work in the areas of PDS including ONORC, supply chain, grievance resolution, among others,
  • Lead/ facilitate discussions with the Department of Food and Public Distribution, implementing states and union territories, and other stakeholders (such as NITI Aayog, other government departments, states, union territories, among others) to resolve challenges associated with the implementation of the PDS at the state and union territory levels,
  • Help MSC team to organize quarterly/ monthly meetings/ workshops/ seminars including Department of Food and Public Distribution, state governments, other stakeholders, and external experts on various topics concerning PDS as mentioned above,
  • Write blogs, reports, and other publications for external dissemination.

Other than the above-mentioned work that is aligned with the Department, the incumbent, as part of the Government and Social Impact (GSI) team at MSC, will also work with governments, development agencies, donors, and other institutions to:

  • Define, design, and improve strategy and public policy choices,
  • Design and manage research/study projects to gather evidence to improve the delivery of social welfare and development programs,
  • Reengineer and digitize processes to deliver efficient and targeted services and benefits,
  • Conduct pilots and support implementation,
  • Monitor and evaluate programs.

Detailed Responsibilities:

Business Execution

  • Participate in assignment set-up and de-briefing meetings of assignments,
  • Lead small and simple assignments under supervision,
  • Execute assignments with the utmost diligence, attention to detail, and focus on quality,
  • Make presentations of outputs of consulting projects to senior management of clients,
  • Support the process of report writing and data analysis,
  • Develop linkages with the junior staff of the client to gather assignment-related information/data,
  • Assist in the delivery of training courses delivered, draft research papers prepared, curriculum development, and technical assistance programs provided to clients Contribute to the development of MSC’s toolkits and other publications

Business Development

  • Support the development and submission of proposals to generate business,
  • Author/ Co-author thematic publications to be developed from field experiences (Focus notes/Briefing notes),
  • Actively engage in Marketing Activities and participate in Digital Media dialogues (blogs, discussion forums, etc.)

Professional Development

  • Conduct ‘Quality of Delivery’/ feedback assessments with team members right after assignment execution in line with the quality control guidelines,
  • Assist and support the development of fellow staff members by providing guidance and advice where appropriate to encourage a culture of peer-to-peer learning,
  • Take ownership of self-development by acquiring skills, knowledge which adds value to the organization.


  • A master’s degree, or higher in Public Policy, Public Health, Economics, Public Administration, Social Work, Rural Development, Agri-Business, or other relevant professional qualifications in line with the areas of specialization.

Desired work experience:

  • Experience in the development and social sector with a consulting firm, think tank, donor/development agency, research organization, or government,
  • Prior experience of working directly with the state/ central government department/ ministry is preferable,
  • Experience in one or more of the following sectors – Food, agriculture, petroleum (LPG, fertilizer), rural development, women and child development, social protection, education, and energy,
  • Experience in one or more of the following functional areas –
    o Strategy and public policy design for social welfare programs,
    o Social welfare program implementation,
    o Social protection effectiveness evaluation,
    o Process reengineering and digitization,
    o Social welfare program design and direct benefit transfer,
    o Financial inclusion,
    o Public finance and expenditure,
    o Monitoring and evaluation,
    o Human-centered design,
    o Project management,
  • Existing relationships with government, multilateral agencies, donor agencies, local and global think tanks, and industry will be given priority.
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