Consultant for Learning Agenda and Creating Writing
Job type
Full time
Job Summary

We have set up the Financial Inclusion Lab to support start-ups that are developing innovative, technology-enabled solutions for the benefit of underserved communities in the areas of Financial inclusion, Livelihoods and Skilling. The Lab bring together an unparalleled combination of domain experts, thought leaders, LMI mentors, and the best management brains in the country to help build and scale inclusive innovations.

Essential Skills

As per the current approach, we are sourcing the application from the wider fintech ecosystem. After due diligence, a cohort (of usually 10 start-ups) would be selected. The Lab would run six such cycles over a period of four years. MicroSave, in collaboration with IIMA-CIIE, is closely working with the start- ups and providing technical assistance on various elements required to build their product and scale their business operations. This may require market research, product pilot, and discussions with experts and mentors among others.


We are looking for an individual/firm that can effectively support the Lab program as under

  • Provide expert advice to our teams on how to construct and extract learnings from various projects and activities to ensure that lessons are extracted, consolidated, documented in an appropriate format, and shared with our partners and other key stakeholders through various mediums
  • Provide expert inputs on learning agenda questions, including draft and final research documents prepared by the implementing team resulting in stronger methodologies, survey work and research outputs.
  • Write up summaries of learning pieces and of project reports in various formats for better dissemination of findings.
  • Write case studies and stories based on support given to fintechs and impact on the overall eco- system.
  • Support the production of video interviews to complement case studies by drafting interview guidelines, key messages (production of videos will be done by the team) and script.Brainstorm with our team to discuss multiple, innovative ways to create and disseminate content. Deliverables (Learning Agenda)
  • Review project descriptions for main projects and provide input on how to extract learnings from projects
  • Review learning agenda of the Program and conduct workshop with the team to detail and finalize it
  • Stay up to speed with development in fintech and review research or project publications at country-level related to the learning questions on an ongoing basis
  • Co-ordinate with the implementing team (at pre-defined frequency) to guide and assist them so as to pick up the data points/content consistent with the learning agenda
  • Run annual workshops with the team to refine the learning agenda in line with developments in the market and the program
  • Guide the team to generate and produce the content as per the learning agenda
  • Implementation of the Learning Agenda at Program level Deliverables (Creative Writing)
  • In most of the cases, the first cut would be prepared by the implementing team.
  • Write up a brief introduction of all the start-ups that form part of the cohort.
  • Write up a detailed description of the start-up in a specified format (to be developed jointly) based on the learning plan.
  • Write up about 10-15 blogs / stories around the learning agenda related to each of the cohort.These will feature in the international media as well on the web-sites.
  • Facilitate creation of other publications such as reports, tool-kits etc. We expect a total of 5-6 publications for the overall program.
  • Run workshops with the larger team to build their capacity in terms of creative writing. This can be planned for two to three one/two days every three to six months. Help create the content / script by drafting interview guidelines, key messages, and scripts for videos which will be published in the public domain.
Document Size should be less than 2MB. Accepted formats are .pdf, .doc, .docx