Institutional Strengthening Expert
5-10 yrs.
Job type
Project based
Job Summary

MSC is implementing a long-term project with the Government of Bihar. The broad scope of the project
is to improve the ecosystem for agricultural marketing and value addition opportunities in Bihar.
The key focus areas of the project are: Agri-export policy; Revitalisation of agricultural markets in the
State; Price information system; electronic trading platform (including e-NAM); FPO policy, Supporting
and promoting FPOs in the State, and Contract farming, etc.
The ideal candidate must have relevant consulting experience of working in and managing large
complex multi-stakeholder programs/projects. S/he should be passionate about doing innovative work in
the field of agricultural development. Excellent analytical, writing, presentation, and communication
skills, and abilities to proactively engage and work with government officials are a must.

Essential Skills

Should have prior work experience required with Community based organizations FPO/ FPC, FPO federation, SFAC, FPO policy, and implementation. Should have experience of working in Bihar will be an added advantage.


Roles and Responsibilities:

The individual will be responsible for taking initiatives for the promotion of the Food Producer Organization (FPO) eco-system in Bihar –
in line with the 10,000 FPO scheme of Govt of India. It will entail ensuring effective implementation of
FPO schemes in the State in collaboration with other implementing agencies such as NABARD, NAFED, and NCDC, apart from agencies of Govt. of Bihar such as Directorate of Horticulture, Agriculture and
Organic Mission. The planning and implementation of interventions are to be done in collaboration with
relevant stakeholders.

Detailed Responsibilities:

Institutional strengthening and capacity building of FPOs:

  • Support BSFAC in providing overall guidance to the implementing agencies in Bihar namely NABARD, NCDC, SFAC, and NAFED for the implementation of GOI’s scheme of 10,000 FPOs; through the State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) meetings,
  • Develop capacity building /training calendars /refresher training plans for FPCs on governance, statutory compliances, financial management, business administration, etc. and ensure its implementation by coordinating with various stakeholders,
  • Stakeholders’ consultation to assess the requirement of an apex organization (FPO federation) to strengthen FPOs in Bihar; benchmark institutional structures in other states and design an institutional framework for similar federation in Bihar,
  • Conduct a feasibility study for the sustainability of such institutions and develop a sustainability plan for FPO federation,
  • Develop a rating tool for FPOs based on its social inclusion, financial viability, management & governance, and other indicators,
  • Monitoring and supervision of rating exercise for FPOs and undertake customized capacity
    building programs.

Digital initiatives for FPOs:

  • Facilitate the development of a digital platform for FPCs in Bihar and onboard all the relevant stakeholders on this platform,
  • Provide support to FPOs through the FPO platform in areas such as value addition, market linkages, input procurement, and credit services,
  • Explore the possibility of a single window opportunity for FPCs to access government schemes,
  • Facilitate integration of FPC database with the contract farming e-registration platform,
  • Build capacity of FPOs to encourage trade through digital/electronic platforms,
  • Regular capacity building of FPOs to optimize benefits from digital initiatives.

Market and Credit Linkage:

  • Facilitate linkages of FPCs with technology service providers (Agri-Techs/ Market Advisories),
  • Undertake promotional activities for direct trade linkages of FPCs for national and international
    trade (export),
  • Facilitate FPCs in fulfill regulatory requirements for accessing international markets and availing input licenses (Licenses for selling agriculture inputs like seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, and registration with relevant departments),
  • Facilitate buyback arrangements with agri-business companies for direct market linkages,
  • To facilitate linkage of FPCs with commercial lending institutions (support in the development of proposals/ organizing Bankers/NBFCs- FPCs meet /sensitizations of lending institutions),
  • Designing commodity-specific business strategies (based on available resources and marketable surplus) for identified FPCs and explore opportunities for direct linkages through contract farming or similar arrangements with large companies (ITC, Britannia, LT Foods, etc.

Stakeholders’ engagement and Policy support for the promotion of FPOs:

  • Support in formulating a comprehensive FPO policy for strengthening of FPO ecosystem Formulate schemes to support FPOs in accessing institutional credit from financial institutions,
  • Coordination with FPC promoting institutions for timely registration of FPCs and ensuring systems (periodic monitoring) for necessary compliances for the functional FPCs in Bihar,
  • Prepare a business development roadmap for functional FPCs in Bihar in coordination with FPC promoting institutions (State level officials from agriculture department/ NABARD /NCDC/SFAC/NGOs, /NAFED, etc.),
  • Facilitate convergence of state and central government schemes for FPOs in the state,
  • Facilitating the creation of infrastructures for post-harvest management and processing for FPOs by leveraging convergence with GoI schemes, GoB schemes, and policies like BAIPP,
  • Pro-active recommendations/ suggestions for improving the marketing and value-addition
    opportunities for FPOs in the State of Bihar.


  • Post-Graduate Degree in Agriculture, Agri-Business Management, Rural Management, Agriculture Engineering, M.Sc.Agriculture from premier colleges (IIM-ABM, MANAGE, IRMA, XIM-B, or any other similar institutions.

Skills and expertise:

Technical skills

  • Sound understanding of the agriculture sector in India and recent developments,
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in multiple Agri value chains, with a focus on postharvest management, value-addition, and marketing,
  • Good understanding of Agri and digital technology and emerging and innovative agribusiness models, including AgTechs and MSMEs, that are transforming agriculture and allied services,
  • Analytical abilities to analyze government policies, programs, and implementation strategies of government projects in agriculture,
  • Proven experience working with government heads and senior bureaucrats.


  • Excellent ability to work effectively with others in the team,
  • Experience working with diverse teams,
  • Experience in managing large teams and complex projects,
  • Excellent client management, team management, and leadership skills.

Communication Skills

  • Excellent ability to prepare documents, reports, and presentations,
  • Excellent writing and presentation skills.,
  • Excellent oral communication in English,
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders, particularly senior government officials.

Other Soft Skills

  • Self-motivated and driven,
  • Passion to work for rural / agribusiness development areas,
  • Abilities and proven experience to work in an unstructured / semi-structured environment.
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