Navana is a fintech start-up that develops innovative design solutions that help illiterate and semi-literate people to use modern digital mobile services intuitively.
Many LMI households in India lack timely access to good quality medical care. Further, steep healthcare bills are deterrents to timely treatment, and out-of-pocket medical expenses have pushed more than 55 million Indians into poverty. Qonect, a HealthTech platform, helps patients connect with medical service providers and provides credit for medical expenses.
This blog talks about Finarkein Analytics, a technology service provider platform focused on simplifying the information value chain through its unique and innovative data analytics solution
Entitled is a startup that works to build a one-stop platform for the financial needs of blue-collar employees in India. With an engine that recommends the right financial product starting from credit and insurance to savings, Entitled handholds customers to achieve their financial goals. The company’s efforts have resulted in a positive impact on its early customers. Read its success story here.
Kosh is a digital lending platform that provides access to formal credit to low- and middle-income (LMI) segments in India. It works on a joint liability model that relies on group leaders and members who avail credit through the platform. This blog explores the journey of Kosh and the positive impact it hopes to create on LMI segments.
Lakshya is a digital savings platform that provides access to formal savings and insurance to low- and middle-income (LMI) segments in India. It promotes the uptake of formal financial services and financial health within the community. This blog explores the journey of Lakshya and the positive impact it hopes to create within LMI segments.
The startup FLYK provides credit services to the low- and moderate-income (LMI) segment in India through its mobile app. FLYK uses psychometric assessment to understand consumer behavior beyond CIBIL scores. It underwrites loans through alternative data, which allows increased inclusion among its rural borrower segment. Through its “Combined Responsibility Network (CRN),” FLYK works to overcome the limitations of traditional lending models. Learn more about how the startup understood the need and recognized the solution here.
Yes!poho is an experience-based social platform that connects handloom artisans and customers directly using technology. Its technology layer helps cut down the intermediaries involved in the supply chain, improving the artisan incomes. Read its success story to know how it has impacted the weaving community positively.

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