Anup Singh


Anup Singh leads MSC’s regional office in Anglophone Africa and heads the Helix Institute based in Nairobi, Kenya. With fourteen years of experience, his expertise includes digital transformation of financial institutions; fintech mapping, scoping, and policy design; digital readiness assessment of social protection programs; digital credit scoping, design and policy; and training programs. He has consulted over 100 institutions including governments, fintechs, financial institutions, investors, and multilateral organizations in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, and South Africa in African continent, and India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Papua New Guinea in the Asian continent. He has also trained at the Boulder Institute of Microfinance, Italy in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Few examples of his recent assignments include:

• Developing the customer journeys and wireframes for the product roadmap of the Rwanda National Digital Payments Strategy, funded by Access to Finance Rwanda: Led the team that build the user journey and interface for the Rwanda National Digital Payments Strategy (2019-20)
• Supporting the National Planning Authority (NPA) in mainstreaming ICTs in the National Development Plan for Uganda National Planning Authority, funded by UNCDF: Responsible for supporting the Government of Uganda to include digitization elements in its National Development Plan III (2019-20)
• Develop a Code of Conduct (CoC) for the FinTech Association of Uganda (FITSPA) funded by FSDU: Responsible for developing the code of conduct for a fintech association in Uganda. (2019-20)
• Outlined the journey and evolution of the Equity Group’s efforts in financial inclusion for refugees in and assessed the impact the interventions have had on the lives of the refugees, funded by Equity Group. (2019)
• Developed a research paper and thought leadership piece on the changes in digital credit ecosystem of East Africa, mainly focused on Kenya, funded by SPTF and AFD: Responsible for building on the previous analytics and behavioral research work. (2019)
• Capacity building on digital transformation for Inclusive Digital Future Summit in Kenya, funded SPTF and the Smart Campaign: Conducted digital readiness assessment of social protection program in Zambia. (2019)
• Assessment and review of pricing models for government-to-person payments in multiple countries, funded CGAP: Reviewed the social protection landscape of 11 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America (BMGF, 2018-19)
• Assessed fintech in Uganda, and its implications for policymakers and regulators to outline key priority areas necessary for regulatory and policy development in Uganda, the study report Fintech in Uganda: Implications for Regulation was published by FSD Uganda (FSD Uganda, 2018)
• Assessed an impact insurance project implemented in partnership with the International Labor Organization’s Impact Insurance Facility (FSD Africa and ILO, 2018)
• Trained management team members of Opportunity International, Opportunity Bank Uganda, Opportunity Bank Ghana, and Sinapi Aba Ghana on digital transformation for financial institutions (Opportunity International, 2018)

Prior to joining MSC, he worked as an Associate with the Centre for Microfinance, based in Chennai, advising financial institutions such as Fullerton, Cashpor and Spandana on the design and implementation of enterprise financing and value chain lending products. He also worked with agricultural finance and livelihood services providers such as BAIF, BILT to develop and re-engineer value chains. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Forest Management, Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal, India. He is fluent in English and Hindi.