Course at a glance

The vast majority of digital financial services are still based on P2P and bill payments. How can we move to the next level and offer solutions that meet the mass market’s myriad of financial needs?  This course takes participants through a systematic process for developing market-responsive products from insight generation, through to design and development.  It is tailored to meet the needs of institutions in need of a market-making anchor product, as well as those looking to expand their product offerings.

Why this training?

Participants will learn a systematic process for strategic product development including:

  1. The application of market research and behavioral economics to understand how people make money management decisions,
  2. Using this knowledge to build product suites that meet different financial needs, and
  3. The operational systems and partnerships necessary to deliver products successfully.
Who should attend?

This course targets middle to senior level managers in mobile network operators, banks and other financial institutions as well as third parties who are involved in DFS product development. We recommend 2-3 participants attend from each organisation as experience has shown that teamwork greatly improves dissemination of learning’s back to the institution.

Topics covered

DFS Ecosystem & Constraints Framework

Market Insights for Innovation and Design (MI4ID)

Building & Managing DFS Partnerships

Product Pricing & Delivery Channel Rewards

Technology & Delivery Channels

Risk & Fraud in Product Development

Product Marketing & Communications

Product Evolution: Looking into The Future

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