Course at a glance

Agent Network Management is one of the biggest challenges for expanding mobile money and agent banking roll-outs. Indeed, robust and reliable agent networks are the necessary foundation of any successful deployment of digital financial services (DFS). This course equips industry leaders with effective strategies and powerful tools to build, manage and grow agent networks across a broad geography.

Why this training?

The course is built on a nearly decade of work by MSC studying and advising the largest DFS agent networks in the world. By taking the course, providers will gain deep insights and knowledge in best practices of successful agent network management, that they can immediately employ in their organisations.

Who should attend?

If you are a mid- to senior-level manager in a financial institution or a mobile money operator and are involved in, or want to explore, digitally enabled distribution models, this is the right course for you. You may be an alternative product manager, marketing manager, channel manager, agency banking manager, a branchless banking manager, or be in a similar position. You may even be aspiring to become a part of the Digital Financial Services industry. To gain maximum benefit from this course, it would be ideal if you have some prior understanding or knowledge of DFS.

Topics covered

DFS Constraints Framework

Fundamental Principles of Mass Distribution

Managing Agent Network Set-up

Agent On-boarding

Agent Compensation

Liquidity Management

DFS Risk and Fraud Management

BTL Branding & Marketing Communication

Agent Network Monitiring & Support

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