Course at a glance

A key driver of financial inclusion is access to finance. Digital platforms have been used as a channel to drive access. In the recent past, the emergence of innovative financial products like digital credit has allowed many people in emerging markets to access credit. The uptake of digital credit has risen significantly due to the ease of access and quick turnaround.

However, in mature markets, concerns such as lack of product differentiation and poor portfolio quality demands a re-think on how best to design and deliver digital credit. The course on digital credit covers the nuances of designing and delivering digital credit to achieve scale while managing associated risks. We have developed this course based on cutting-edge operational insights collected from our experience working with financial institutions that implement digital credit in emerging economies.

Why this training?

Identify business opportunities for digital credit in your markets:

Explore access, usage, financial behaviors, segments, and credit needs of the target clientele for digital credit

Assess and understand the needs for operational systems and partnerships necessary to deliver digital credit successfully

Formulate and implement risk management strategy for emerging risks with digital credit

Augment marketing and communication strategies to digital credit customers using behavioral levers and forward-thinking communication strategies

Who should attend?

The course is targeted to senior- and middle-level managers of financial institutions that are/or are planning to offer digital credit products. The course is relevant to specialized digital credit functions and other functions that lend support to digital credit operations, such as operations, marketing, and risk. The course is relevant to the regulators and policymakers concerned about data security and privacy, digital footprint, digital identity, customer protection, and responsible lending.

Topics covered

Introduction to digital credit and assessment of opportunities

Emerging models for digital credit

Data analytics, credit scoring, and risk modeling

Product development for digital credit

Risk and consumer protection for digital credit

Marketing and communication for digital credit

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