Course at a glance

At the Helix Institute at MSC, we are committed to the growth and sustainability of MSMEs. Our course is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to launch and manage your own MSME successfully. We cover everything from market research and business planning to funding options and marketing strategies.

Through a series of interactive modules, you will learn to identify profitable business opportunities, develop a solid business plan, and navigate the challenges of starting and growing your own MSME.

Why this training?

The course provides training for competitiveness and growth, enabling the entrepreneur to reach sustainable profits and provide a good workplace. The courses build understanding for the businesses on the strategic growth plan that addresses core growth constraints. The course will guide you through the process of developing a comprehensive business plan, including market research, financial projections, and marketing strategies. This will help you create a clear roadmap for your business and set achievable goals.

Who should attend?

At the Helix Institute at MSC, we are committed to meeting this demand to train MSMEs from emerging markets. This course is specifically designed for those who seek to apply practical experiences and relevant cases to start their enterprise.

This course is ideal for:

First-time entrepreneurs who seek to start their own businesses and want to learn the basics of MSMEs.

Existing small business owners who want to expand their operations and take their business to the next level.

Managers who are interested in supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Topics covered

  • Session 1: Introduction to MSMEs

      • Definition and classification of MSMEs

      • Importance of MSMEs to the economy

    • Challenges faced by MSMEs

    • Session 2: Marketing for MSMEs

      • Importance of marketing for MSMEs

      • Market research and analysis

      • Developing a marketing plan

    • Digital marketing for MSMEs

  • Session 3: Financial management for MSMEs

      • Importance of financial management for MSMEs

      • Financial planning and budgeting

      • Cash flow management

    • Accessing finance for MSMEs

  • Session 4: Operations and production management for MSMEs

      • Importance of operations and production management for MSMEs

      • Production planning and scheduling

      • Inventory management

    • Quality control and assurance

  • Session 5: Human resource management for MSMEs

      • Importance of human resource management for MSMEs

      • Recruitment and selection

      • Employee training and development

    • Performance management and evaluation

  • Session 6: Legal and regulatory compliance for MSMEs

      • Importance of legal and regulatory compliance for MSMEs

      • Business registration and licensing

      • Taxation and compliance

    • Intellectual property protection

  • Session 7: Entrepreneurship and innovation for MSMEs

      • Importance of entrepreneurship and innovation for MSMEs

      • Idea generation and validation

      • Business model innovation

    • Scaling and growth strategies for MSMEs

  • Session 8: Networking and collaboration for MSMEs

      • Importance of networking and collaboration for MSMEs

      • Creating and maintaining business networks

      • Collaborative partnerships for MSMEs

    • Accessing business support services and resources

  • Session 9: Business planning and strategy for MSMEs

      • Importance of business planning and strategy for MSMEs

    • Developing a business plan

Are you interested in starting your own MSME but do not know where to begin? Look no further than our comprehensive training course on building MSMEs!

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