Course at a glance

The Climate Finance 101 course provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts, principles, and practices of climate finance. Participants who complete the course will gain a solid understanding of the sources of climate finance, green financing instruments, and the policy and regulatory frameworks that govern climate finance. Participants will also gain practical skills in project appraisal, reporting, and learn about successful case studies of climate finance projects.

Why this training?

Our climate finance 101 training course will give participants a thorough knowledge of the essential concepts, principles, and procedures of climate finance and give them the skills and information needed to operate in this rapidly evolving area.

Who should attend?

Our climate finance 101 course provides participants a thorough understanding of the multifaceted ecosystem of climate finance. This course is for climate change practitioners, including policymakers, government officials, and development practitioners who wish to understand the financing mechanisms available for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Topics covered

Introduction to climate finance

Understanding the concept of climate finance

The importance of climate finance in addressing climate change

The role of various stakeholders in climate finance

Climate risk and resilience

Understanding climate risks and their impact on different economic sectors

The importance of building resilience to climate risks

Climate adaptation strategies and their financing

Green finance instruments

Understanding the different types of green finance instruments

Green bonds, carbon markets, and climate insurance

Project finance for climate change

Principles of project finance and how they apply to climate change projects

Financing renewable energy projects and energy efficiency initiatives

Case studies of successful climate finance projects

Climate finance policy and regulation

The policy and regulatory frameworks governing climate finance

International agreements such as the Paris Agreement

National and sub-national policies and regulations

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