Umati Capital contracted MSC to develop and deliver financial literacy training through digital media to the smallholder farmers in formal agri-value chains in Kenya. Working alongside Arifu, MSC developed the content and delivery methods. We conducted an in-depth assessment of the needs of the smallholder farmers in Kenya, and testing of in-person and SMS-based delivery of content to the participants. We developed real-time analytics on the adoption and impact to share the output of the pilot-run with Umati Capital.

As part of the deliverables, MSC prepared an interactive trainers’ manual and a learning guide in English for the farmers on financial literacy, credit, and savings management, among other areas. The final output by MSC and Arifu included platform access for publishing, delivering, and tracking content on SMS and Android applications, as well as a final monitoring and evaluation report.

By the end of the pilot, one-third of the smallholder farmer members of Umati Capital had received training through the in-person and the SMS based financial education modules. At the time of writing, this was being rolled out for smallholder farmer members across Kenya.