Signature Projects

MSC helped to set up a “Financial Inclusion Lab” that identifies, mentors and brings to scale early-stage FinTech startups. These startups address the issues faced by the underserved communities by developing innovative and technology-enabled solutions. So far, over 40 startups have been supported, impacting over a million customer, and 1000+MSMEs. Four major social investors fund the initiative with committed funding of USD 9.5 mn. The project demonstrates MSC’s ability to structure and implement multi-stakeholder projects, especially those involving the investors and service providers (startups), to achieve a developmental outcome.
MSC undertook a multi-phase research and strategy development project on youth livelihoods in Digital Financial Services (YLDFS). The project explored opportunities to develop sustainable and scalable intervention models for a range of youth livelihoods. We have worked across the project lifecycle with various stakeholders to create target interventions. MSC worked with funders, industry experts and service providers. Our work on product development led to our partner Lynk insuring about 1,000 workers each day, and our work with Expresso to improve its incubation approach has been customized to deliver value to its 3.2 million subscribers. The project showcases MSC’s expertise in program design and implementation of innovative interventions as well as sectoral expertise in youth and training.
MSC developed a year-long strategic study to address major barriers to financial inclusion in the Indian state of Jharkhand. The study aimed to highlight actions to enhance access to digitised G2P payments while technical support was also provided to government officials, banks, ANMs and MNOs, and CICO network managers over its duration. The programme leveraged MSC’s position as a thought leader in the FI space, specifically in terms of deploying innovative and tailor-made digital interventions to deepen FI among target communities.
MSC designed a multi-year programme with an investor to strengthen value chain partnerships and create sustainable business models to enhance the incomes for 10,000+ farmers in Bihar. Its focus was on using MSC-designed interventions to reduce the impact of seasonal price and production volatility and protect farmers’ livelihoods. Project is designed for improving farmers income through improved supply chain and access to digital services by the farmers.

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